Sign Fabrication and Traffic Control Products

With a variety of products in stock plus an experienced fabrication team, Iowa Plains Signing, Inc. is ready to meet all of your signage and traffic control product needs. Please contact us for pricing information.

Portable Safety Products

  • Arrowboards
  • Portable Dynamic Message Boards
  • Portable Temporary Traffic Signals
  • Radar Feedback Trailers
  • Portable Workzone Lighting
  • RoadQuake Portable Rumble Strips



  • Wood/Aluminum Construction Signs
  • Roll-Up Signs and Stands
  • Detour Signing
  • Street Signs
  • Do Not Follow into Work Area Signs
  • End of Road Marker (SI-181 and SI-182)
  • Post Mounted Radar Feedback Signs
  • Custom Signs
  • Sign and Barricade Sheeting

Traffic Cones, Drums and Diverters

  • 28in. 10lb/7lb Trimline Cones
  • 28in. Reflective Cones
  • Reflective Cone Collars
  • IA Dot Spec Drum and Tire Ring
  • IA Dot Spec 42in Diverter with 30lb Base
  • Other Specialty Cones/Drums/Diverter available to order


  • Type III
  • Type II
  • Type I
  • Various Signs for Barricade Closures
  • A Lights
  • 6 Volt Batteries

Safety Fence

  • PSS NiteLite II Reflective Fence
  • Non-Reflective Safety Fence

Airport Material

  • Yellow Airport Tarps
  • Barricades (AR2)
  • Barricade Lights
  • Yellow Sandbags
  • Airport Flags

Flagger Setup

  • Reflective Vests
  • Reflective Hats
  • Reflective Pants
  • Stop/Slow Paddles
  • Pilot Car Follow Me Signs

Sign Posts/Brackets

  • Perforated Square Steel Post
  • Permanent and Temporary Post Anchors
  • Galvanized/Green U-Channel
  • Certified Wood Posts
  • IDOT Spec Brackets and Hardware


  • Temporary Tape
  • Barrier Rail Reflectors
  • Restricted Width Signing
  • Temporary Concrete Barrier Rail
  • Tubular Markers
  • Raised Pavement Markers
  • Crossover Barricade Panels
  • Permanent and Temporary Crash Cushions
  • Glare Screen


Please contact us to request a quote or pricing information for your project.